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Virtual With 

Client intake form is required for services to be rendered at all times. each client needs to fill out intake form entirely to secure work with virtual with Ashley.

​client intake form will need signed and returned promptly.  if you have any questions about this form, please contact us at or call 419-707-7200.

to download the client intake form, please click here.


Client Intake Form

Clients - What you need to know

​For all meeting requests, you can find our online scheduling feature and pick a day and a time that fits your needs. please indicate if you wish for this meeting to be virtual (e.g. video chat, phone call, facebook, etc.) or face-to-face. please give us 24 hours to approve your request.

​if we need to reschedule, we will contact you asap to set up another appointment. if you need a different date or time, we just ask that you provide us with 24 hour notice if possible.

Payment options

​We accept cash, checks and debit / credit cards. With Credit Cards, we will charge an extra fee. When you receive your statement, please pay within 7 days. if not paid within the 7 day timeframe, you will be charged $5.00 Extra for each day the payment is late. ​Statements will be sent at the 1st of every month.